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Grilled Giant Puffball Steak, Thyme Potato Wedges & Green Tabasco

Updated: Sep 14

In the late summer and autumn time, every day brings something interesting for the mushroom hunter. This time it was this huge fungus that I found near sheep pasture. This specimen weighed almost 2 kilograms and its flesh was white meaning it was edible. Are you probably wonder how this strange snowball smells and taste? The aroma is mushroomy and nutty, the flavour resembles a white mushroom that we buy in the supermarket but the texture is more delicate, almost like a silky Tofu.

What's interesting this boom is the main source of anty-tumour mucoprotein - Calvacin.

REMEMBER: Only pick mushrooms that you are familiar with as eating or even touching some can be fatal!

Ingredients :

  • giant puffball

  • few tbsp of olive oil

  • paprika

  • salt

  • black pepper

  • dried thyme

  • 200g of new potatoes cut into small wedges

  • green Tabasco to serve


1. Toss the potato wedges in olive oil, salt, black pepper and thyme and bake in 200C for 25 minutes (use air frying basket for the best result).

2. Cut the puffball into one-inch steaks, brush both sides with olive oil and season with black pepper, paprika and a little bit of salt (to much salt will draw the moisture out of the mushroom).

3. Heat the grill or a pan to a high heat and grill mushroom for up to one minute then repeat on another side. (If cooked too long it will lose all the volume once taken off the heat)

4. Serve immediately with crunchy potato wedges and drizzle of tabasco sauce.

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  • When this mushroom matures it produces spores turning its flesh to yellow-brown making it unedible.

  • In the past body of this fungus was used as a wound dressing that slows down the bleeding, harvested prior to the battles.

  • Pick only mature specimens ( bigger than a football ) as some smaller mushrooms can be easily confused with poisonous puffballs. Do the research or hunt with someone who knows mushrooms. I recommend foraging experience as you can learn a lot of interesting stuff!

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