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Seafood Spring Rolls with Soy & Chilli Sauce

Updated: Mar 25

Hey there! Do you want to make a quick and delicious seafood snack that will blow your taste buds away? Try these Seafood Spring Rolls with Soy & Chilli Sauce! The crispy pastry filled with sweet seafood and veggies is the perfect finger food for a party or a midday snack. Plus, you can bake them for a healthier option and they're easy to prepare!

For my first batch, I used Crab meat from Devon and a few Scallops that I bought fresh from the seaside market. The second batch was made with Surimi from my local supermarket, and let me tell you, both variations were super tasty! So, what are you waiting for? Grab the ingredients and get cooking!

Seafood Spring Rolls Macro Photography
Crunchy and delicious!

Serving size: This recipe makes 16 spring rolls, which can serve 4-6 people as a snack or appetizer, or 2-3 people as a main course.

Ingredients for 16 spring rolls (5 inches long) :

  • 16 sheets of 10-inch (25cm) spring roll pastry (you can use a smaller size if you prefer)

  • 14 oz of seafood (400g)(Surimi, chopped prawns, picked crab meat, crayfish tails, chopped seared scallops)

  • 4.2 oz of bamboo shoots, cut julienne (120g)

  • 3.5 oz of Nappa cabbage, shredded (100g)

  • 3.5 oz of bean sprouts (100g)

  • 3.5 oz of onions, sliced (100g)

  • 1.8 oz of carrot, cut julienne (50g)

  • 1.8 oz of celery, thinly sliced (50g)

  • 0.5 oz of coriander, chopped (10g)

  • 2 tablespoons of sesame oil

  • Oil for deep frying

Ingredients for the sauce:


1. In a small pan, heat 2 tbsp of sesame oil over medium heat. Add the onions and cook until they're soft. Transfer them to a bowl and mix with the chopped bamboo shoots, cabbage, bean shoots, carrots, celery, coriander, and seafood.

2. Take the pastry and wrap it around the filling as shown in the photos. Seal the pastry with a mixture of water and a little bit of flour. Pack the filling tightly without air pockets and place the spring rolls on a tray. For best results, chill them before deep-frying.

3. Heat the oil for deep-frying to 180°C (356°F). Fry the spring rolls until they're golden brown. Alternatively, brush them with a little oil and bake them in the oven at 200°C (392°F) for around 20-30 minutes.

4. To make the dressing, mix all the ingredients together. Serve and enjoy!

FAQs for recipe:

  • Can I make these spring rolls in advance? Yes, you can prepare the filling and wrap the spring rolls in advance, then chill them until you're ready to cook them. You can also freeze them for later.

  • Can I use a different type of seafood? Yes, feel free to use any seafood that you like or have on hand. Chopped shrimp, lobster, or squid would all work well in this recipe.

  • Can I make these spring rolls without deep-frying them? Yes, you can brush them with a little oil and bake them in the oven for a healthier option. Just make sure to pack the filling tightly to avoid any air pockets.

  • Can I use a different type of sauce? Yes, you can experiment with different sauces if you prefer. Sweet and sour sauce or hoisin sauce would also go well with these spring rolls.

  • Can I use a different type of pastry? Yes, you can use different types of pastry if you prefer. Wonton wrappers or phyllo dough would also work well in this recipe.


  • Vegetarian option - Substitute the seafood with chopped tofu or seitan for a vegetarian version of this recipe. Add in some sliced shiitake mushrooms for extra flavour and texture.

  • Thai-inspired version - Add some Thai basil and lemongrass to the filling mixture to give it a Thai-inspired flavour. Serve with a peanut dipping sauce made with peanut butter, soy sauce, lime juice, and honey.

  • Gluten-free version - Substitute the spring roll pastry with rice paper wrappers for a gluten-free option. Fill them with shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and cilantro for a fresh and healthy snack.

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Did you know?

Did you know that many ocean creatures have evolved to balance the saltiness of seawater by filling their cells with amino acids? Among these amino acids are glycine, which has a sweet taste, and glutamic acid, which is savoury and mouth-filling.

Interestingly, shellfish, in particular, are especially rich in these and other tasty amino acids. That's why they are prized for their delicious umami flavour, which can enhance the taste of any dish they are added to. So, next time you indulge in a seafood feast, remember that it's not just the saltiness of the ocean that gives it that irresistible flavour, but also the natural sweetness and savoury umami that comes from these incredible amino acids.

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