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Insight Flavour - Łukasz Babral

Hello! I am Łukasz, a Professional Chef and Food Photographer based in the United Kingdom. I am the founder of Insight Flavour, a recipe website where I showcase my culinary creations to a global audience.


Here, you will find some of my favourite recipes that I love to share with a worldwide audience. The recipes are designed, cooked, written, and photographed by me, and I strive to bring you the best culinary experience possible, with as much professional expertise as I can provide.


I am a chef from Poland who currently resides in the United Kingdom. I have diligently honed my cooking skills through dedicated hard work and have been fortunate to learn various cuisines from wonderful individuals from diverse backgrounds. In 2019, I successfully completed an 18-month Level 3 Chef De Partie culinary qualification program offered by the Chefs Academy, Baxter Storey training program and sponsored by Holroyd Howe, which is a subsidiary of the WHS Limited group. This program provided me with an opportunity to explore different aspects of the food industry in the UK and expand my culinary knowledge and skills.


With years of experience in cooking healthy and nourishing meals for both adults and students in public and private schools, I now serve as the Head Chef at one of the finest private schools in London. Apart from planning menus and cooking nourishing meals for children and adults.


During my leisure time, I enjoy experimenting with recipes from different regions of the world and showcasing them to my audience through my photography. My objective is to capture the true essence of each dish and effectively convey it to viewers through the lens of my camera.


My love for food began in my birthplace of Krakow, Poland, where I enjoyed traditional dishes such as Pierogi from ”Bar Mleczny” and pretzels on my way to school. Spending my childhood holidays on my grandparents’ farm, surrounded by nature and tradition, gave me a deep appreciation for the hard work that goes into food production and the importance of respecting it. Nowadays, I grow my own food on a small allotment, and you will find much of my own produce in my recipes and shots.

I hope you find something of interest here. Enjoy cooking!

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