About Chef Łukasz Babral

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My name is Łukasz Babral.

I am a professional Chef/Food photographer from the United Kingdom. I have years of experience cooking healthy and nourishing meals in public and private schools for adults and pupils. Currently, I work as a Head Chef in one of the best private schools in London.


In my free time, I design and photograph recipes from various parts of the world and share them on this website. In every shot, I try to capture the soul of the dish and communicate it back to the viewer. My recipes and photography bring the attention of readers from all over the world.


In the year 2019, I have completed level 3 Chef De Partie culinary qualification. The 18-month course was organised by Chefs Academy, Baxter Storey training programme and sponsored by Holroyd Howe, part of the WHS Limited group


During the course, I had the pleasure to visit all parts of the food industry in the United Kingdom and bring my culinary skills to another level. 


Special thanks to my mentors: Chef John Bantawa-Doman, Chef John Hicks and Chef Rik Razza.

Professional Chef Lukasz Babral

''Even a good cooking recipe demands tasting and repeated tasting while it is being followed.

And the best tasting still depends on a cook with taste''


           - Josef Albers