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Insight Flavour - Łukasz Babral

About Chef Łukasz Babral

I am a Polish Chef that lives in the United Kingdom. I was born in Krakow, the old capital of Poland. In this beautiful city, I tried my first Pierogi and Borscht. Thanks to my grandparents I also had the opportunity to enjoy life in the countryside. I still can remember the taste of homemade kielbasa that my grandpa used to make.  In my early adulthood, I moved to England where I had the opportunity to taste cuisines from all around the world. Here I discovered my passion for cooking and developed as a Chef. Fresh organic food from the farm, is what I still miss the most.

I love good food and I believe that the right nutrition combined with exercise can be beneficial for health and help to prevent some of the modern diseases. I am very fascinated with the fermentation process, the way that microbes transform food making it more nutritious, tasty and easier to digest.

In modern times, we are bombarded with advertisements, and it is tough to distinguish healthy meal from poison. I wish people prepared more meals at home and avoided ready-made foods. So why not enjoy something tasty, homemade and nutritious with your friends and family? On this website, you can find some interesting recipes for any occasion.

I have years of experience in cooking healthy and nourishing meals in public and private schools. In the year 2019, I have completed level 3 Chef De Partie programme with distinction. Cooking is my passion and that is what I do in my free time, this blog is a journey that I would like to to share with you.

Professional Chef Lukasz Babral

Welcome to my online cookbook!

Here you can find some of my favourite recipes perfected over the years.

Chase with me unique flavours and bring yourself endless pleasure!



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