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Insight Flavour - Łukasz Babral

Hi! My name is Łukasz!

I am a professional Chef/Food photographer from the United Kingdom. I have years of experience cooking healthy and nourishing meals in public and private schools for adults and pupils. Currently, I work as a Head Chef in one of the best private schools in the London area.

I was born in Poland, the old capital city of Krakow, a beautiful place with many delicious foods. Pierogi from ''Bar Mleczny'' was my absolute favourite and pretzels on the way to school always made me smile.


As a child, I spend a lot of holidays on my grandparent's farm, close to nature and traditions. I saw how much work comes to food production and why is it important to respect it.


In my free time, I cook and photograph recipes from various parts of the world. I share them with my audience on this website. In every shot, I try to capture the soul of the dish and communicate it back to the viewer. My recipes and photography bring the attention of readers from all over the world.


I love the food fermentation process, sourdough bread baking and I have my own small allotment garden when I grow various organic vegetables to use in my cooking and share with friends and family.


In the year 2019, I have completed level 3 Chef De Partie culinary qualification. The 18-month course was organized by Chefs Academy, Baxter Storey training programme and sponsored by Holroyd Howe, part of the WHS Limited group


During the course, I had the pleasure to visit all parts of the food industry in the United Kingdom and bring my culinary skills to another level. I have seen the chain of processes on how animals are raised right until the moment they end up on the plate. Especially I enjoyed a foraging course in the New Forest as picking wild mushrooms is my passion since childhood.

Special thanks to my mentors: Chef John Bantawa-Doman, Chef John Hicks, and Chef Rik Razza.

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