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Tiramisu Cheesecake

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The combination of these two delicious desserts is sinful and sexy. Each spoonful asks for another and when everything is gone you look for more, addiction? Very likely!

Preparation is simple but it takes a little bit of waiting for the layers to set. Everything that takes time tastes a lot better and we are here for the quality of flavour! Enjoy cooking friends!

The Biscuit Base

For the base layer of the Tiramisu Cheesecake, you can use any type of digestive biscuits. I choose one cover with chocolate to add another layer of love to the recipe.

Be very careful not to add too much butter to the base as this will solidify it too much and you will not be able to dig in. We finish this layer with a nice shot of espresso but you can try different things to your liking.

Chocolate Middle

This layer is basically thick chocolate ganache with the liquor, you can skip alcohol completely and substitute it with almond extract or other baking aromas.

Cheesecake Topping

For this creamy layer, I like to use full-fat Philadelphia cheese, you can opt for a lighter version and lower the amount of sugar by half but why would you do this? It is a sin worthy dessert! I always recommend vanilla bean paste over the extract but use what's in your cupboard and it will still taste superb. You can also add any type of citrus zest that you like to create another layer of freshness in this dessert.


If you go for simplicity and a more classical look cocoa powder is just fine. To elevate more use crushed dark chocolate or super tasty chocolate espresso beans.

Tiramisu Cheesecake in the jar
Tiramisu Cheesecake

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Ingredients for base:

  • 150g (5.3oz) of chocolate digestive biscuits

  • 30g (1oz) of melted butter

  • 3tsp of strong espresso

Ingredients for chocolate layer:

  • 250g (8.8oz) of milk chocolate (drops or finely chopped)

  • 150ml of double cream

  • 100ml of coffee flavoured liquor like Tia Maria or Kahlua

Ingredients for the cheesecake layer:

  • 150g (5.3oz) of cream cheese

  • 100ml of double cream

  • 1tsp vanilla bean paste

  • 50g (1.7oz) of icing sugar

  • cocoa powder for garnish


For this recipe, you will need 5 dessert jars or glass bowls.

1. Crush chocolate digestive biscuits in a bag with a rolling pin then transfer to a bowl, combine with melted butter and 3tsp of strong espresso. With a help of a spoon transfer to glass bowls/jars and create a flat bottom layer then place in the fridge.

2. For the chocolate layer, place a bowl over a pan of simmering water and add the double cream, chocolate drops and liquor. Once chocolate melts, gently stir with a spatula until combined and pour into the jars. Place back in the fridge to set for 3-4h.

Tip: When cooking over simmering water (Bain-Marie): Make sure that the bowl doesn't touch the water, you want the steam to transfer the heat and do the cooking.

3. Once the chocolate layer is set you can proceed with the cheesecake, to do so use a hand or standing mixer. Beat the cream cheese to soften up then add vanilla bean paste, icing sugar and double cream. Whisk until stiff peaks then transfer to jars. Dust with cocoa powder and place back in the fridge for a couple of hours.

4. You can keep Tiramisu Cheesecake in the fridge for up to 3 days. Enjoy!

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Oscar Milner
Oscar Milner
Jun 09, 2022

Hi! Love the recipe. How many servings is it, roughly? Thanks

Łukasz Babral
Łukasz Babral
Jun 10, 2022
Replying to

That is great! This makes around 5 ramekins.

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